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  • Thomas Cope Dr Thomas Cope MA MClinRes MRCP PhD
    I am an Academic Clinical Lecturer in Neurology, and Official Fellow of Murray Edwards College, where I teach neuroscience and direct studies for psychology. My research has two overarching aims: 1) to employ systems neuroscience as a translati...
  • Dr Brian Glasberg
    My research focuses on the perception of sound in both normally hearing and hearing-impaired people and relates to the psychophysics of hearing.
    I have a multi-disciplinary background in cognitive neuroscience, physics and engineering, and considerable research experiences in both academic and industrial environments. My research interests encompass various perspectives of vision science a...
  • David Tolhurst Dr David Tolhurst
    Visual coding of natural scenes. Information coding in the visual cortex studied by single unit recording, computational models and psychophysical discrimination by human observers. Visual deficits in developmental or acquired visual abnormality.

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