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  • Mr Giacomo Bignardi
    I'm a third year PhD student, broadly interested in child development and individual differences. The goal of my PhD has been to better understand the environmental mechansisms behind social inequalities in educational and mental health outcomes....
  • Michael Lee Dr Michael Lee
    Chronic pain is defined simply as pain that persists beyond 3 months, but in reality is a suffering marked by emotional distress and physical disability. For many patients, the extent of disease or injury does not fully account for the severity of...
  • John Rust Professor John Rust
    The development, evaluation and implementation of psychometric tests and psychometric testing procedures. As Director of The Psychometrics Centre I have been responsible for the UK standardisation of many of the most widely used psychometric tests...
  • Jan Stochl Dr Jan Stochl
    I serve as psychometrician and statistician. I am currently working on psychometric properties of scales used in psychiatry. I am interested in latent variable modeling - structural equation modeling, item response modeling, latent class modeling,...

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