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  • Dr Giacomo Bignardi
    I'm a developmental scientist working in the The Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (Sarah-Jayne Blakemore) Group. I'm broadly interested in how the environment influences the brain, behaviour and cognition, and in adolescent health. I'm also ...
  • Michael Lee Dr Michael Lee
    Chronic pain is defined simply as pain that persists beyond 3 months, but in reality is a suffering marked by emotional distress and physical disability. For many patients, the extent of disease or injury does not fully account for the severity of...
  • John Rust Professor John Rust
    The development, evaluation and implementation of psychometric tests and psychometric testing procedures. As Director of The Psychometrics Centre I have been responsible for the UK standardisation of many of the most widely used psychometric tests...
  • Jan Stochl Dr Jan Stochl
    I serve as psychometrician and statistician. I am currently working on psychometric properties of scales used in psychiatry. I am interested in latent variable modeling - structural equation modeling, item response modeling, latent class modeling,...

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