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  • Barry Devereux Dr Barry Devereux
    My research is primarily focused on lexical and semantic processing, the conceptual structure of nouns and verbs, syntactic and semantic ambiguity in language comprehension, and object processing. I am interested in interdisciplinary aspects of l...
  • Brechtje Post Professor Brechtje Post
    My research primarily focuses on speech prosody - intonation, accentuation, rhythm, and phrasing. Prosody simultaneously encodes information from different components of the linguistic system in the speech signal, in particular morpho-syntax, prag...
  • Elaine Schmidt Dr Elaine Schmidt
    Elaine Schmidt’s research interests centre around the processing of prosody and sentence structure. She is particularly interested in processing differences and similarities between adults and children, as well as between monolinguals and bilingua...
  • Bert Vaux Professor Bert Vaux
    --grounding of phonological learning in a mathematical implementation of evolutionary information theory. --phonological cognition. --implications of selective aphasias, first and second language acquisition phenomena, processing and production ef...

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