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  • Dr Elisa Cooper
    My research focuses on human episodic memory. I'm also interested in the preserved abilities of individuals with focal brain injury, such as hippocampal injury, and understanding learning via 'Fast Mapping' . In my PhD research, I investigated ...
  • Dr Franziska Knolle
    I am interested in applying the framework of predictive processing to understanding psychiatric disorders, especially psychosis. I wish to explore how and if potentially dysfunctional predictive processing across various higher and lower cognitive...
  • Miss Chantal Miller
    My research aims to identify the mechanisms underlying different stages of psychotic illness. In particular, I am interested in the idea that the brain relies on hierarchical Bayesian inference, a process that may become derailed in disorders such...
  • Dr Graham Murray
    I work on the causes, brain mechanisms and treatments of mental disorder. I utilize a variety of neuroscience techniques, including statistical genomics, brain imaging, computational psychiatry, pharmacological and neuropsychological studies in pa...
  • Dr William Stauffer
    I am interested in the neuronal computations and value representations underlying economic choice. Dopamine neurons encode reward prediction errors. My current research investigates how this well known teaching signal supports decision making.

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