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  • Dr Gerard Callejo
    I am interested in the role of ion channels expressed in peripheral sensory neurones and involved in pain perception in different pathological conditions such as inflammation or nerve injury. In particular, I am interested in understanding the mol...
  • Sampurna Chakrabarti Ms Sampurna Chakrabarti
    Pain targets in arthritis
  • Dr Ichrak DRISSI
    I'm a neuroscientist at Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (CIMR), University of Cambridge. My research interests aim to understand genetic alterations underlying painlessness and excess pain disorders. By analysing DNA from patients sufferi...
  • Mr Jasdip Singh Dulai
    My research is orientated towards the more commonly observed nociceptive pain pathway, with a specific interest in inflammation. Using both in silico screening (docking models) and in vitro (electrophysiology) to validate findings. The overall ai...
  • Michael Lee Dr Michael Lee
    Chronic pain is defined simply as pain that persists beyond 3 months, but in reality is a suffering marked by emotional distress and physical disability. For many patients, the extent of disease or injury does not fully account for the severity of...
  • Dr Flavia Mancini
    Chronic pain affects 1 in 5 people and is the leading cause of disability in the world. There are unresolved questions that urgently require answers to treat pain effectively, a crucial one being how the brain processes pain signals and gives rise...
  • Dr Mike Nahorski
    My research interests lie in the identification and understanding of genetic alterations which affect pain sensation in humans. This work is highly translational; working with clinicians to define populations with tightly phenotyped pain condition...
  • Maria Niedernhuber Maria Niedernhuber
    I am a cognitive neuroscientist fascinated by how we come to have conscious experiences in this world. My research aims to bridge sensory/bodily and cognitive levels of analysis to uncover the neural and cognitive underpinnings of conscious conten...
  • Mr Luke Pattison
    My research focuses on the role of proton-sensing G protein-coupled receptors in inflammation.
  • Ben Seymour Dr Ben Seymour
    My research aims to understand how pain is processed in the human brain by using a combination of theoretical and experimental methods. Our goal is to use this knowledge to design new types of (technology-based) treatment for patients who suffer f...
  • Dr Deborah Talmi
    Our over-arching research aim is to understand emotional experiences. We approach this question from two angles, examining both the specific intensity of current feelings and how past emotional experiences come to mind later on. Our work spans t...
  • Suyi Zhang
    The systems neuroscience of human pain and aversive learning.

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