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  • Raymundo Baez Mendoza Mr Raymundo Baez Mendoza
    My research interest is in reward neurophysiology.
  • James Higham
    My PhD with Dr David Bulmer is primarily focussed on investigating interactions between novel inflammatory mediators and nociceptive neurons in culture. I use genetically engineered neurons (in a collaboration with Prof John Wood and Dr James Cox,...
  • Michael Lee Dr Michael Lee
    Chronic pain is defined simply as pain that persists beyond 3 months, but in reality is a suffering marked by emotional distress and physical disability. For many patients, the extent of disease or injury does not fully account for the severity of...
  • Timothy O'Leary Dr Timothy O'Leary
    How do nervous systems adapt and repair themselves? How do they exhibit coherent function in spite of variable underlying properties? I study these questions using theory, computational models and experiments. For example, it is well known that n...

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