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  • Simon Baron-Cohen Professor Simon Baron-Cohen
    The Autism Research Centre (ARC), of which I am Director, has 6 programs of research, all focusing on Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC): (a) Perception and Cognition (investigating social and non-social cognition and sensory processing); (b) Neu...
  • William Colledge Professor William Colledge
    My research group is interested in the neuroendocrine regulation of mammalian fertility using transgenic mice as a model system. Puberty and the regulation of mammalian fertility is controlled by hormonal signalling within the hypothalamus. My re...
  • Dr Agatha van der Klaauw
    I am currently working with Professor Sadaf Farooqi at the Institute of Metabolic Science. We use a number of genetic approaches, including whole-exome sequencing, to identify novel genes involved in hypothalamic development in patients with sever...
  • Miss Natalie Wallis
    Studying the genetics basis of obesity, with focus on neuroendocrine genes in brain neurons. This offers the chance to better understand the mechanisms of appetite control and energy balance in the CNS. My PhD focus will be on the genetics of obes...

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