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  • Dr Farah Alimagham
    My research focuses on designing novel analytical techniques based on mid-infrared spectroscopy for industrial, environmental and medical sensing applications. I am currently working on the development of a novel sensor for continuous and near rea...
  • Dr Keri Carpenter
    Research on human brain chemistry, in brain injury and brain tumour patients. Brain injury is a major cause of disability and death. While some brain injury survivors have good outcomes, others experience varying degrees of disability, which are o...
  • Mr Cameron Hall
    My PhD centres around the investigation of biomarkers of TBI in patients, including protein markers of neuronal/axonal injury and neuroinflammatory response, as well as small-molecule biomarkers. I will study these biomarkers in brain microdialysa...
  • Monica Killen
    My PhD is focused on understanding the relationship between metabolic dysfunction and inflammation in traumatic brain injury (TBI). Many TBI patients experience a change in normal brain chemistry, which causes further neurodegeneration and cell de...

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