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  • Anthony Dickinson Professor Anthony Dickinson
    My primary research interests concern learning, memory, motivation, and future planning in both humans and animals. My interest in learning and memory is focussed on the distinction between goal-directed and habitual instrumental behaviour as asse...
  • Dr Chris Heath
    I am interested in understanding how pathology-related molecular and cellular changes in defined neuronal circuits affect behaviour and cognition in neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Dr Luis Manssuer BSc, MSc, PhD
    I work in the research group of Professor Valerie Voon. The lab uses a range of methods to understand the neural basis of neuropsychiatric disorders. My primary role in the lab is to make sense of intracranial neurophysiological data acquired from...
  • Sabine Rühle Dr Sabine Rühle
    By combining behavioural, genetic, electrophysiological and optical techniques, I aim to investigate how sensory inputs and motivational states are integrated to produce behavioural outputs.
  • Dr Livia Tomova
    I am interested in how stress, loneliness and social isolation affect the brain and mind, especially during adolescence. My PhD research in Psychology at University of Vienna (supervised by Claus Lamm) focused on the effects of acute stress on so...
  • Hisham  Ziauddeen Dr Hisham Ziauddeen MRCPsych PhD
    I am a Senior Clinical Research Associate working with Prof. Paul Fletcher. I work on brain reward systems using pharmacological fMRI and behavioural measures, to study the role of environmental influences and opioid and dopaminergic systems in co...

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