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  • Dr Danyal Akarca
    I'm interested in the intersection of neuroscience with machine learning for modeling brain function and detecting underlying psychiatric and neurological diagnostic groups. I'm also interested in the self-organisation of neural networks and how t...
  • Vasiliki Chatzi
    I am interested in applying statistical and machine learning approaches to build models that can characterise psychiatric symptoms/disorders. During my PhD I developed a novel pipeline for biomarker identification in schizophrenia using neuroimagi...
  • Zoubin Ghahramani Professor Zoubin Ghahramani
    My current research interests include Bayesian approaches to machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, information retrieval, bioinformatics, and computational motor control. Statistics provides the mathematical foundations for handli...
  • Dr Tobias Goehring
    My focus lies on improving the perception of speech for people with hearing loss in everyday life, especially in difficult listening situations with interfering background sounds. I combine techniques from Engineering, Auditory Neuroscience and Ma...
  • Dr Marwa Mahmoud
    My research interests lie in the field of social signal processing and human behaviour understanding, which includes expressions of emotions or medical conditions. My research draws on computer vision, machine learning, Human Computer Interaction ...
  • Mr Miro RabVass
    * Modulating risk taking behaviour in healthy populations * Risk vs uncertainty: neurocognitive aspects of decision making under uncertainty by serial entrepreneurs * Decision making under uncertainty: C-suite executives, entrepreneurs and foun...
  • Delshad Vaghari
    We are investigating bio-markers to early detection of dementia based on MEG with Machine Learning approach
  • Sin Yee Yap
    Machine learning - Autoencoder - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Analysis - Brain functional connectivity
  • Miss Katharina Zuhlsdorff
    I am interested in the application of deep learning to neuroscientific data - specifically, I use multimodal neuroimaging and behavioural datasets to study drug addiction and impulsivity. I aim to relate behavioural endophenoypes to changes in bra...

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