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  • Dr Ichrak DRISSI
    I'm a neuroscientist at Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (CIMR), University of Cambridge. My research interests aim to understand genetic alterations underlying painlessness and excess pain disorders. By analysing DNA from patients sufferi...
  • Mr Jasdip Singh Dulai
    My research is orientated towards the more commonly observed nociceptive pain pathway, with a specific interest in inflammation. Using both in silico screening (docking models) and in vitro (electrophysiology) to validate findings. The overall ai...
  • James Higham
    My PhD with Dr David Bulmer is primarily focussed on investigating interactions between novel inflammatory mediators and nociceptive neurons in culture. I use genetically engineered neurons (in a collaboration with Prof John Wood and Dr James Cox,...
  • Frank Reimann Dr Frank Reimann
    Research in the lab is currently focusing on enteroendocrine cells, especially glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) secreting cells, which we hope to target in the treatment of diabetes and obesity. GLP-1 secreting cells are electrically excitable and ...
  • Dr Ewan Smith
    The main interest of the Smith lab is to understand the molecular mechanisms by which sensory neurones detect noxious stimuli, so-called nociceptors. We are particularly interested in how acid activates nociceptors in both physiological and pathop...
  • Colin Taylor Professor Colin Taylor
    Roles of inositol trisphosphate (IP3) receptors in generating intracellular calcium signals. Structural determinants of IP3 receptor behaviour. Decoding of calcium signals.

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