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  • Mr Jascha Achterberg
    As a part of the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit I am studying the neuronal dynamics of complex problem solving and computations underlying general intelligence in brains and machines. I am especially interested in rapid One-Shot learning an...
  • Moataz Assem Moataz Assem
    I study the precise anatomical and functional organization of domain-general brain regions using mutlimodal MRI techniques of the Human Connectome Project (HCP) and invasive electrophysiology data from human patients. Domain-general or Multiple-...
  • Professor Robert Batt
    The use of A.I. and other digital health solutions to enable the provision of psychological support to those who might not usually be able to access these services.
  • Peter Bright Dr Peter Bright
    1. Neuroimaging and neuropsychological investigations of object processing (with an emphasis on the role of medial temporal lobe structures). 2. Disease progression and cognitive decline in semantic dementia. 3. Retrograde amnesia in brain dama...
  • Dr Hamid Karimi-Rouzbahani
    With a background in Engineering, and an interest in method development through the use of machine learning in neuroimaging, I pursue three main questions in cognitive neuroscience: How does the human brain recognise visual information despite the...
  • Mahmoud Keshavarzi
    My research involves designing paradigms for EEG and MEG experiments, programming them, and analysing the data, as well as testing children using both kinds of brain imaging equipment.
  • Dorian Minors
    My current research interests lie in the neural mechanisms that underpin intelligent behaviour. Many relatively unsophisticated animals appear to show glimpses of the highest orders of cognitive ability, once thought to be out of reach of such tin...
  • John Rust Professor John Rust
    The development, evaluation and implementation of psychometric tests and psychometric testing procedures. As Director of The Psychometrics Centre I have been responsible for the UK standardisation of many of the most widely used psychometric tests...

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