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  • Raghda Al-Najjar
    My research focus on identifying the possible mechanism behind why some patients with multiple sclerosis have progressive disease. I am currently finemapping the only genetic variant confidently associated with progression in MS.
  • Sarah Bray Professor Sarah Bray
    We are interested in understanding the signalling pathways that co-ordinate the decisions made by cells during development. The ultimate fate of a cell is dictated in part by its heredity and in part through interactions with neighbouring cells. O...
  • Jules Griffin Dr Jules Griffin
    We have been using a range of analytical techniques, and in particular NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, to follow metabolism in the brain in a range of disease processes. This ranges from flux measurements to understand the cycling of metab...
  • Kamila Jozwik Dr Kamila Jozwik
    Broadly I'm interested in the following questions: How does the primate brain process visual information? More specifically - how does the primate brain recognise objects? What are the underlying computations of visual processing? I use fMRI, ...
  • Dr Graham Murray
    I work on the causes, brain mechanisms and treatments of mental disorder. I utilize a variety of neuroscience techniques, including statistical genomics, brain imaging, computational psychiatry, pharmacological and neuropsychological studies in pa...
  • Giles Yeo Dr Giles Yeo
    I study brain control of body-weight, and currently have two main aims: Identifying new players in the hypothalamic control of energy balance. a. Genetic studies point to the brain as having a crucial role in modulating appetitive behaviour. A col...

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