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  • Dr Stephanie Brown
    My research with the CIDDRG is focused on functional and structural brain changes during the development of Alzheimer's Disease in Down's Syndrome and mediating factors of onset.
  • Michael Hart Mr Michael Hart
    Resolving the dichotomy between effective resection of focal lesions and preservation of brain function is a fundamental goal in neurosurgery. To achieve this, I have started a PhD on brain mapping under the supervision of Professor John Suckling....
  • Dr Marta Morgado Correia
    My research focuses on the use of quantitative MRI methods to understand the brain in health and pathology. I have a particular interested in diffusion MRI, an imaging modality which has been shown to provide useful information about the microstru...
  • Mr Yizhou Wan
    High-grade glioma is the most common primary brain cancer. Cognitive symptoms are the commonest neurological deficits reported by patients. They have a significant impact on quality of life and reduce survival. Cognition depends on brain network f...

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