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  • Lucy Cheke Dr Lucy Cheke
    My research concerns the mechanism by which the brain creates, maintains and manipulates representations of events that are not currently available to perception. These representations can take many forms: they can be memories of veridical past ev...
  • Nicky Clayton, Professor Nicky Clayton, FRS
    Nicky studies the development and evolution of cognition in members of the crow family (including jackdaws, rooks and jays) and humans. Her work has challenged many of the common-held assumptions that only humans can plan for the future and remini...
  • Rose Cooper Miss Rose Cooper
    My research focuses on cognitive and neurological differences in episodic memory between typical individuls and adults with autism spectrum disorder, specifically focusing on autism-related impairments in the use of recollection to retrieve contex...
  • Dr Roni Tibon
    I investigate how our memory works by using behavioral and functional brain imaging techniques (MRI and EEG/MEG). My aim is to understand the cognitive and neural mechanisms which support human episodic memory, and how they change across the lifes...

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