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  • Dr Adam Attaheri
    Language is a rhythmic stimulus made up of multiple sound waves occurring at multiple timescales. In a similar fashion, our brains are continually producing multiple waves of electricity at different frequencies and we call these brain waves ‘cort...
  • Aude Belin-Rauscent Dr Aude Belin-Rauscent
    My research is interested in the neurophysiological and neuropharmacological substrates of compulsive disorders such as drug addiction and obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • Dr Albert Cardona
    To study the relationship between circuit structure and function, we must know the synaptic connectivity that defines the circuit structure, observe the activity of the neurons in the circuit over time, study how the pattern of activity can change...
  • Nick Donnelly Mr Nick Donnelly
    I am interested in understanding how different brain regions, containing different types of neurons, and with different architectures, are able to work together to process information and produce adaptive behaviour. Currently I am investigating t...
  • Mr Jasdip Singh Dulai
    My research is orientated towards the more commonly observed nociceptive pain pathway, with a specific interest in inflammation. Using both in silico screening (docking models) and in vitro (electrophysiology) to validate findings. The overall ai...
  • Steve Edgley Dr Steve Edgley
    I’m interested in how movements are controlled. Our everyday movements are performed with little conscious thought and are remarkably precise. Despite what the textbooks tell you, the way in which this is accomplished is poorly understood. I work ...
  • Alister Nicol Dr Alister Nicol
    Neuronal encoding in learning and memory
  • Dr Andrew Patton
    Study of circadian rhythms in the mammalian suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) using genetic and electrophysiological approaches. My primary research focuses on the role of GABAergic synaptic transmission within the SCN and how this contributes to the ...
  • Andrew Thompson Dr Andrew Thompson
    I am an experienced neuroscientist / pharmacologist with exposure to a broad range of techniques. This has included the development of a simple and information-rich fluorometric microplate assay for simultaneously identifying novel agonists, antag...
  • Adam Tozer Dr Adam Tozer
    I am an electrophysiologist working in the Hypothalamus and projecting areas, interested in the neuronal control of diet, and mechanisms controlling food intake and energy balance. My background is in synaptic physiology and neuronal homeostasis...
  • Charlotte van Coeverden Charlotte van Coeverden MSc
    I am interested in how rewards are coded in the brain and how this reflects on social behaviour.
  • Mr Samuel White
    I am working for a PhD in the Galliano Lab, studying neuronal plasticity in the olfactory bulb. I am using electrophysiology and a range of histological and imaging techniques to study the induced homeostatic changes of plastic cellular and subcel...

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