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  • Jeff Dalley Professor Jeff Dalley
    Primary research interests include behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, psychopharmacology and neuromodulation of limbic cortico-striatal brain circuitry. Specific interests include behavioural and neurobiological endophenotypes and their trans...
  • Karen Ersche Dr Karen Ersche
    My research focuses on the neuropsychological correlates and neurochemical processes underlying addictive behaviour and the translation of this knowledge into therapeutic interventions. This work involves a combination of approaches including neur...
  • Peter Zhukovsky Mr Peter Zhukovsky
    My reseach focuses on the neural and behavioural mechanisms of drug addiction. More specifically, I am interested in the role of compulsivity as an endophenotype pre-disposing animals to drug addiction. Currently I am using a behavioural task to r...
  • Miss Katharina Zuhlsdorff
    I am interested in the application of deep learning to neuroscientific data - specifically, I use multimodal neuroimaging and behavioural datasets to study drug addiction and impulsivity. I aim to relate behavioural endophenoypes to changes in bra...

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