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  • Alice Adriaenssens
    My work focuses on characterising the central targets of incretin hormones to better understand the gut-brain axis and its role in regulating food intake.
  • Mark Evans Dr Mark Evans
    My group are interested in (1) how brain detects changes in blood glucose and how this glucose-sensing interacts with peripheral metabolism; (2) how defences against hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) may become abnormal in diabetes; (3) the short an...
  • Fiona Gribble Professor Fiona Gribble
    Endocrine communication between the gut and brain, relaying food-related signals that control appetite and metabolism.
  • Stephen O'Rahilly Professor Stephen O'Rahilly FRS FMedSci
    My research has been concerned with the elucidation of the basic causes of obesity and Type 2 diabetes at a molecular level and the translation of those discoveries into improved diagnosis and therapy for patients. My work has uncovered several p...
  • Frank Reimann Dr Frank Reimann
    Research in the lab is currently focusing on enteroendocrine cells, especially glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) secreting cells, which we hope to target in the treatment of diabetes and obesity. GLP-1 secreting cells are electrically excitable and ...

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