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  • Dr Gonzalo Arrondo
    My research is centered in the study of the relationship between high-order decision making and emotion in neuropsyquiatric patients such as those with depression. For this aim my main tools are functional neuroimaging (specifically fMRI), cogniti...
  • Tristan Bekinschtein Dr Tristan Bekinschtein
    I am interested in non-classic approaches to study the physiology and cognition of consciousness. I have wide Interests in Cognition and neurophysiology. In the last few years I have been mainly concentrating in describing different states of con...
  • Jennifer Drobac Dr Jennifer Drobac
    As a U.S. law professor, I examine the neuroscience of decision making, particularly as part of legal consent. My research challenges the legal default of unquestioned human capacity for consent. It posits that legal capacity for consent is not an...
  • Dr Daniel Hill
    I am interested in the neurophysiology of reward valuation and decision making in the context of learning and memory. My current work is focused on better understanding how dopamine neurons encode value and economic utility. Though their role is w...
  • Yul Kang
    I study navigation, learning, and decision-making with computational models and behavioral experiments. I am interested in finding the normative way to solve a computational problem, how neural representation and behavioral performance conforms to...
  • Dr William Stauffer
    I am interested in the neuronal computations and value representations underlying economic choice. Dopamine neurons encode reward prediction errors. My current research investigates how this well known teaching signal supports decision making.
  • Yin Wu Mr Yin Wu
    decision-making; gambling

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