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  • Dr Lizzie Buchanan-Worster
    I am interested in how children perceive spoken language and how this relates to language and literacy development. I completed my PhD at UCL in 2019, supervised by Professor Mairéad MacSweeney and Professor Charles Hulme. My PhD research focussed...
  • Dr Brian Glasberg
    My research focuses on the perception of sound in both normally hearing and hearing-impaired people and relates to the psychophysics of hearing.
  • Ms Carolina Leal
    I am interested in how children with cochlear implants process sounds to understand how specific aspects of their auditory processing abilities influence their listening and spoken language outcomes.
  • Dr Deborah Vickers
    Deborah Vickers is funded by a Medical Research Council Senior Fellowship in Hearing Research. She leads the ‘Sensory Optimisation Using Neuroscience for Devices’ (SOUND) Lab, where research is focussed on understanding sound perception, impact...

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