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  • Dr Barry Bentley
    My current research aims to map and understand the extrasynaptic volume transmission networks in the nervous system of C. elegans.
  • Dr Albert Cardona
    To study the relationship between circuit structure and function, we must know the synaptic connectivity that defines the circuit structure, observe the activity of the neurons in the circuit over time, study how the pattern of activity can change...
  • Dr Marta Costa
    I am the Project Team Leader for the Drosophila Connectomics group, started in October 2016, aims to build the adult olfactory connectome of Drosophila. That is, to describe every neuron that is involved in olfactory behaviour, and its connection...
  • Miss Amelia Edmondson-Stait
    The mushroom body (MB) is the principal site of associative learning in insects. MB output neurons (MBONs) divide it into 15 compartments and together form a complex, multi-layered network whose combined activity represents valence and motivationa...
  • Miss Kimberly Meechan
    Our group studies neural circuits involved in olfaction in Drosophila. Some neurons involved in these circuits are known to be sexually dimorphic. How these differences lead to different behaviours in male and female flies is not well understood. ...
  • Mikail Rubinov Mikail Rubinov
    Complex-network mapping of structural and functional connectomes; constraints and principles of whole-brain network organization; information transfer in large-scale brain dynamics; neuropsychiatric connectivity phenotypes.

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