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  • Miss Lena Dorfschmidt
    I am interested in the principles of whole-brain network organization in health and disease. I work on resting state MRI data in order to model trajectories of adolescent cortical development and identify disruptions in functional connectomics dur...
  • Dr Claire Eschbach
    In insect, the mushroom body (MB) is a brain region where memory traces are formed. Recently, EM-based reconstruction of all the input and output neurons of this structure unravelled both the highly recurrent innervation of the MB and its connecti...
  • Miss Seyedeh-Rezvan Farahibozorg
    My current research is aimed at characterisation of semantic networks in the brain based on source reconstructed concurrent Electro-/Magnetoencephalography (E/MEG)). Multiple brain areas are thought to play role in semantic cognition. However, th...
  • Elijah Mak Elijah Mak
    I am a Gates Cambridge scholar working on my PhD at the Department of Psychiatry. Broadly, my research interest relates to the use of multi-modal neuroimaging techniques to characterise structural and functional deficits in dementia and related co...
  • Dr Nadine Randel
    Each animal responds to its environment in a dynamic and flexible manner. Behavioral transitions in response to external and internal conditions can be learned or innate actions, mediated by different neuronal circuits throughout the nervous syste...
  • Dr Roma Siugzdaite
    I am trying to understand brain mechanisms that drive changes during the development by means of functional and structural MRI data.
  • Frantisek Vasa Mr František Váša
    I study methods for the construction and analysis of human structural and functional brain networks, using data from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Using these methods, I hope to help characterise healthy adolescent development, and to identify...

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