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  • Iulia Comsa Miss Iulia M. Comsa
    How do we lose consciousness when we fall asleep or go under anaesthesia? My research explores the neural dynamics of brain states at the boundary of consciousness. I study the transitions between levels of consciousness in natural, pharmacologica...
  • Dr Lorna Garcia Penton
    In my current Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship, I aim to map the interface between the semantic representational and control networks by estimating the dynamical causal networks (DCNs) underlying on-going resting-state fMRI. This also includes d...
  • Michael Hart Mr Michael Hart
    Resolving the dichotomy between effective resection of focal lesions and preservation of brain function is a fundamental goal in neurosurgery. To achieve this, I have started a PhD on brain mapping under the supervision of Professor John Suckling....
  • Mr Alexander Peattie
    Investigating the role of methylphenidate in improving cognitive function following traumatic brain injury (TBI). Specifically, using fMRI data analysis and functional connectivity to investigate interactions between large scale networks and the m...

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