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  • Steve Edgley Dr Steve Edgley
    I’m interested in how movements are controlled. Our everyday movements are performed with little conscious thought and are remarkably precise. Despite what the textbooks tell you, the way in which this is accomplished is poorly understood. I work ...
  • Dr Elisa Galliano
    The ability of nerve cells to plastically modify themselves is one of the characteristics that make the brain millions of times more powerful and capable of learning than any supercomputer. I am particularly interested in the ways in which, during...
  • Dr Franziska Knolle
    I am interested in applying the framework of predictive processing to understanding psychiatric disorders, especially psychosis. I wish to explore how and if potentially dysfunctional predictive processing across various higher and lower cognitive...
  • Dr Caroline Nettekoven
    I use network analysis and graph theory to study the role of incoherent language in psychotic disorders. During my PhD at the University of Oxford, I investigated the neural basis of motor adaptation using multimodal imaging, brain stimulation a...

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