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  • Dr Alessandro Esposito
    My goal is to understand how cellular biochemistry encodes decision-making processes, particularly those processes that lead to cancer when misregulated. However, the lack of technologies that permit mapping a multitude of biochemical reactions in...
  • Dr Yuan Huang
    I am interested in using mathematical and mechanical tools to describe the biological systems. Better understanding of diseases can be achieved by further analysing the structural and functional imaging data. We hope our work will improve the diag...
  • Dr Phil Jones
    We are investigating how normal stem cells transform into cancer cells in a range of sytems, both by studying stem and progenitor cell fate and also by investigating the role of a specific cell fate regulators. Our focus has been on Hes6, which r...
  • Mary McLean Dr Mary McLean
    I perform magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy studies on patients with brain tumours (as well as tumours of other parts of the body). The aim is to improve non-invasive diagnosis and the prediction and monitoring of response to treatment. ...

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