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  • Mahmoud Keshavarzi
    My research involves designing paradigms for EEG and MEG experiments, programming them, and analysing the data, as well as testing children using both kinds of brain imaging equipment.
  • Dr Caroline Nettekoven
    I use network analysis and graph theory to study the role of incoherent language in psychotic disorders. During my PhD at the University of Oxford, I investigated the neural basis of motor adaptation using multimodal imaging, brain stimulation a...
  • Dr Camilla Nord
    I am a neuroscientist researching the neural basis of psychiatric disorders using brain imaging, brain stimulation (TMS/tDCS), and cognitive paradigms in patients and healthy controls. I am particularly interested in the relationship between prefr...
  • Dr Leor Zmigrod
    Dr Leor Zmigrod is a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Her research combines methods from experimental psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience to investigate the psychology of ideological adherence and group identity formatio...

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