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  • Miss Athina Aruldass
    Immunological interplay in pathoetiology of mood disorders is a long-standing concept dating back to the early 20th century. Over the past two decades, irrefutable evidence linking peripheral inflammation i.e. blood inflammatory markers, and depre...
  • Dr Andrew Lawrence
    I am a psychologist with interests in the application of neuropsychological testing and advanced MRI techniques to understand cognitive function and dysfunction. I am currently investigating cognitive decline and MRI markers of pathology associate...
  • Sarah Morgan Dr Sarah Morgan
    I am a Senior Research Associate in the Cambridge Brain Mapping Unit, working on PSYSCAN, an EU project which aims to diagnose and predict psychosis trajectories. I am also a Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute, where I lead a project investigatin...
  • Ioannis Pappas Mr Ioannis Pappas
    My research focuses on applying modern graph-theoretic tools to functional brain networks. I am particularly interested in investigating global network characteristics during different tasks and/or consciousness states. In addition, I am intereste...

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