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  • Damiano G. Barone Dr Damiano G. Barone
    The nervous system plays a key role in the regulation of body function from voluntary movement to cognition. Due to the inability of the nervous system to regenerate itself, injuries to the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve can have a profou...
  • Dr Alexander Boys
    My work focuses on developing tissue engineered and bioelectronic devices for recording neural signals in the gut. I am specifically interested in the gut-brain axis and the transfer of signals along this axis.
  • Professor George Malliaras
    My research is in bioelectronics, specifically the application of organic electronic materials to interfacing with the brain, aiming to understand how the brain works and to develop new tools for the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases. Amon...
  • Dr Christopher Proctor
    Chris's research is focused on engineering bionic systems to improve healthcare and advance bioscience. On going project themes include: Electronic drug delivery: Targeted drug delivery can focus treatment on the region of the body affected by a ...
  • Miss Amy Rochford
    Peripheral nerve injuries result in a disconnection in the nervous system communication and a consequent loss in neurological function. Currently, there are limited treatments for these conditions. Neuroprosthetics and cell transplantation are pro...

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