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  • Dr Richard Eva
    Repair and protection of the injured or diseased central nervous system. My research focuses on the subcellular signalling and trafficking mechanisms that control axon regeneration and neuroprotection in the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve. Thi...
  • James Fawcett Professor James Fawcett
    Axon regeneration in the damaged CNS: Regeneration of axons after CNS damage is blocked by several molecules in the environment and by loss of intrinsic regeneration ability, We modify the environment to make it more permissive and modify axonal ...
  • Roger Keynes Professor Roger Keynes
    Growth cone repulsion is an important mechanism controlling axon growth. During development it guides axons by excluding them from repulsive regions of the embryo. Following injury to the adult brain it may also block axon regeneration, with major...
  • Patrice Smith Professor Patrice Smith
    Promoting regeneration and repair of the damaged CNS, with a particular focus on understanding the contribution of neuronal intrinsic mechanisms in axon regeneration.

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