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  • Geoffrey Cook Dr Geoffrey Cook
    My research concerns the mechanisms controlling axon growth. In the laboratory we are investigating two axon-repulsive systems, 1) the characterization of somite glycoproteins that repel axons, creating the segmented pattern of spinal nerves durin...
  • Christine Holt Professor Christine Holt FMedSci FRS
    My laboratory studies how nerve connections are first established in the brain. We focus on the developing visual system and our main goal is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of axon guidance that enable axons to navigate from t...
  • Roger Keynes Professor Roger Keynes
    Growth cone repulsion is an important mechanism controlling axon growth. During development it guides axons by excluding them from repulsive regions of the embryo. Following injury to the adult brain it may also block axon regeneration, with major...
  • Eva Pillai
    Neurons extend axons across long distances, growing along highly specific 'tracks' to reach their synaptic target in the brain. Most studies of this process have focused on how chemical molecules guide axon navigation accurately. Our lab has shown...
  • Dr Mansoor Raza
    Growth cone repulsion during development and adult CNS failure to regenerate after injury. The use of viral vectors for transgene expression in the nervous system to promote axonal regeneration.
  • Vasja Urbančič Vasja Urbančič
    The growth cones of developing axons are guided on their journey through the developing nervous system by guidance cues that instruct their progression along a precise pathway towards their target area. The responses of growth cones to many of the...

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