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  • Alice Adriaenssens
    My work focuses on characterising the central targets of incretin hormones to better understand the gut-brain axis and its role in regulating food intake.
  • Tony Coll Dr Tony Coll
    My current research continues to focus upon the roles of the hypothalamus in the control of energy balance. Our current understanding of the central control of appetite has relied heavily upon mouse models and I continue to utilise the power of b...
  • Naomi Penfold Naomi Penfold
    I am a PhD student on the Wellcome Trust programme in Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease. I work at the Institute of Metabolic Science in the lab of Professor Sue Ozanne. We are interested in how the early life environment (pre- and postnatal) c...
  • Dr Agatha van der Klaauw
    I am currently working with Professor Sadaf Farooqi at the Institute of Metabolic Science. We use a number of genetic approaches, including whole-exome sequencing, to identify novel genes involved in hypothalamic development in patients with sever...

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