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  • Katie Hall Dr Katie Hall PhD
    I am principally interested in the field of behavioural neurosciences with a particular focus in understanding how neurodegenerative pathologies cause dementia symptoms and behavioural dysfunction, as well as developing potential neuroprotective t...
  • Maria  Herva Moyano Dr Maria Herva Moyano E
    I have developed a fast and reliable method to form alpha-synuclein aggregates and my aim is to use it as a high content assay to screen for drugs with anti aggregating properties. I am specially interested in the option of repurposing existing dr...
  • Professor David Klenerman
    Small soluble protein aggregates are thought to play a key role in the initial development of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, but are difficult to study using conventional methods due to their low concent...
  • Dr Ru Tian
    IMAGING ALPHA-SYNUCLEIN OLIGOMERS IN PARKINSON’S DISEASE BRAINS To date, the molecular origins of PD are not fully understood and no disease-modifying treatments are available. Although Lewy bodies are relatively inert, smaller soluble assemblies...

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