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  • David Belin Dr David Belin
    Our research is interested in the neural, cellular and molecular substrates of inter-individual vulnerability to develop impulsive/compulsive disorders such as drug addiction, Obsessive / Compulsive Disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, pathological gamb...
  • Aude Belin-Rauscent Dr Aude Belin-Rauscent
    My research is interested in the neurophysiological and neuropharmacological substrates of compulsive disorders such as drug addiction and obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • Craig Burns Craig Burns
    Memory reconsolidation and destabilisation in maladaptive disorders such as addiction
  • Jeff Dalley Professor Jeff Dalley
    Primary research interests include behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, psychopharmacology and neuromodulation of limbic cortico-striatal brain circuitry. Specific interests include behavioural and neurobiological endophenotypes and their trans...
  • Karen Ersche Dr Karen Ersche
    My research focuses on the neuropsychological correlates and neurochemical processes underlying addictive behaviour and the translation of this knowledge into therapeutic interventions. This work involves a combination of approaches including neur...
  • Barry Everitt FMedSci FRS Professor Barry Everitt Sc.D., F.R.S., F.Med.Sci.
    My research is concerned with the neural and psychological mechanisms underlying learning, memory, motivation and reward especially related to drug addiction. A major research theme is the impact of learning on drug addiction - both its developmen...
  • Maxime Fouyssac Mr Maxime Fouyssac
    My research project in David Belin’s lab at the department of Pharmacology and within the BCNI of Cambridge is to characterize the functional contribution of the astrocytes to the development of habitual and compulsive cocaine self-administration ...
  • Chiara Giuliano Dr Chiara Giuliano
    I am interested in the neural processes regulating the development of impulsive / compulsive disorders such as drug addiction and binge-eating disorders.
  • Amy Milton Dr Amy Milton
    Memory is a critical function of the brain, but little is known about the mechanisms by which memories are modified, adapted, and persist. Memories are known to 'reconsolidate' undergoing updating and strengthening following their destabilisation ...
  • Laurel S Morris Laurel S Morris
    I have studied disorders of addiction, focussing on correlates of impulsivity and compulsivity. I am also interested in psychopharmacology; how neurotransmitter dynamics of neural circuits influence cognition.
  • Jennifer Murray Dr Jennifer Murray
    My research primarily involves mapping the striatal circuitry responsible for the transition from goal-directed to habitual drug seeking.
  • Dr George Savulich
    Cognitive enhancement in neuropsychiatric disorders and in healthy people; the impact of technology on older age mental health; the effects of novel psychoactive substances on cognition and emotion; and information-processing biases in psychosis.
  • Miss Chiara Toschi
    I have a strong interest in systems neuroscience and in elucidating the brain mechanisms that regulate behavior. I am especially interested in abnormal behavior and in exploring the neural bases of psychiatric disorders such as addiction and compu...
  • Peter Zhukovsky Mr Peter Zhukovsky
    My reseach focuses on the neural and behavioural mechanisms of drug addiction. More specifically, I am interested in the role of compulsivity as an endophenotype pre-disposing animals to drug addiction. Currently I am using a behavioural task to r...
  • Miss Katharina Zuhlsdorff
    I am interested in the application of deep learning to neuroscientific data - specifically, I use multimodal neuroimaging and behavioural datasets to study drug addiction and impulsivity. I aim to relate behavioural endophenoypes to changes in bra...

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