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  • Mike Aitken Dr Mike Aitken
    My research interests include human associative learning, and the role of this learning in intuitive and reflective decision-making systems, including gambling behaviour. Much of my research has involved causal and categorical judgments, with more...
  • Professor John Aston
    Statistical Neuroimaging
  • Adel Helmy Mr Adel Helmy PhD FRCS (SN)
    My research interests are in Acute Brain Injury (Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Subarachnoid Haemorrhage (SAH)) and in particular the innate inflammatory response following TBI. Inflammation plays a role in secondary injury following TBI, but is...
  • Dr Sharon Neufeld
    I am a quantitative psychologist interested in understanding the course and interplay of multiple domains of mental health in young people. My work has shown how treatment-as-usual mental health services are associated with a subsequent reduction ...
  • Dr George Savva
    I am an epidemiologist with a background in statistics. My work is based on the MRC Cognitive Function and Ageing Study ( for a full description of the study), a large lognitudinal study of ageing set in the population of England an...
  • Jan Stochl Dr Jan Stochl
    I serve as psychometrician and statistician. I am currently working on psychometric properties of scales used in psychiatry. I am interested in latent variable modeling - structural equation modeling, item response modeling, latent class modeling,...
  • John Suckling John Suckling
    Can neuroimaging improve patient outcomes? We are looking at ways neuroimaging - the combination of brain imaging and computational methodologies - can have a direct impact on the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of developmental conditions, co...
  • Andrew Thwaites
    Information processing in the human brain
  • Richard Turner Dr Richard Turner
    My research lies at the interface between computer perception (which builds artificial systems for understanding images, sounds and videos), neuroscience (which tries to understand the brain) and machine-learning (which provides a theoretical fram...
  • Simon White Dr Simon White
    Developing methodology to address issues when applying Bayesian longitudinal modelling with missing data, Bayesian sample size and study design, or large scale simulation studies to applications in neuroimaging, cognition and ageing.

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