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  • Professor Ozgur B. Akan
    Our research interests are Internet of Everything, Internet of Bio-Nano Things, Neural Communication, Molecular Communication, Signal Processing and Information Theory. We are particularly interested in developing nanomaterial-based neuro-interfac...
  • Professor Juan Manuel Gorriz
    The SIPBA group use computational and mathematical approaches based on the statistical learning theory to develop computer-aided diagnosis systems in the field of neuroscience. SiPBA aim to provide supporting tools to physicians in the early diagn...
  • Mahmoud Keshavarzi
    My research involves designing paradigms for EEG and MEG experiments, programming them, and analysing the data, as well as testing children using both kinds of brain imaging equipment.
  • Alexis MacIntyre
    I am interested in temporal cognition and how auditory and motor rhythmic processes relate to speech production and perception. I currently work with Dr. Tobias Goehring on a project investigating the neural correlates of speech perception in coch...

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