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  • Andrew Bateman Professor Andrew Bateman
    In June 2019 I left "Oliver Zangwill Centre for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation" where I developed my research strategy that has three themes: i) development of assessments, ii) development and immplementation innovative therapeutic interventi...
  • Fergus Gracey Dr Fergus Gracey
    My research themes relate to assessment, recovery and rehabilitation following brain injury. I am especially interested in identity and emotional adjustment following acquired brain injury, self-regulation, cognitive rehabilitation and service del...
  • Tom Manly Dr Tom Manly
    Our research relates to understanding impairment and rehabilitation in attentional and executive function. Our work with stroke patients mainly focuses on spatial neglect and its relationship to executive/frontal impairment. Our work with patients...
  • Fionnuala Murphy Dr Fionnuala Murphy
    My research focuses on how cognition and emotion interact - in healthy individuals, in individuals that suffer from mood disorders, and in brain-injured individuals. Executive control over neutral and emotional materials has featured prominently i...
  • Virginia Newcombe Virginia Newcombe
    My research focuses on the use of MR imaging as a biomarker in traumatic brain injury (TBI). I am particularly interested in prediction of outcome after TBI and how acute management influences the long-term outcomes of patients. My projects, which...
  • Elena Zevgolatakou
    Investigation of the behavioural and neural basis of recovery in post-stroke aphasia.

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