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  • Laith Alexander Dr Laith Alexander
    My research focuses on the neurobiology of emotion and emotional regulation. In particular, I am interested in how prefrontal cortical regions (area 25 and 32) subserve the regulation of emotional states. Using sophisticated techniques in behaviou...
  • Michael Anderson Professor Michael Anderson
    Dr. Anderson focuses on fundamental mechanisms of memory, attention, and cognitive control, and their interaction. A central observation is that memory, like other aspects of cognition and behaviour, poses problems of control. Dr. Anderson uses ...
  • Dr Daniel Bor
    My current main research focus is on the effects of drowsiness and conscious level (both measured neurally) on cognition, and how this is modulated by age and disease (Alzheimer's). I am using MEG, fMRI and structural imaging techniques to examine...
  • Dr Hannah Clarke
    Understanding the neural and neurochemical basis of behaviours mediated by the prefrontal cortex and their relevance to psychiatric disorders.
  • Jane Garrison
    Investigating reality testing failures in hallucinations, including in schizophrenia
  • Dr Nicole Horst
    I am interested in investigating the role of cortico-striatal circuits in flexible behaviour in order to understand how disruption of these circuits and their modulation by various neurotransmitters may underpin the inflexible behaviours observed ...
  • Taylor Lynn-Jones
    My project studies how brain development during adolescence influences motivation in a non-human primate model, the common marmoset. During adolescence, social and cognitive skills, such as learning and memory, continue to develop. This coincides ...
  • Angela Roberts Professor Angela Roberts FMedSci
    I am interested in the brain networks underlying cognitive and emotional behaviour. In particular, my research focuses on the executive control functions of the prefrontal cortex and related brain structures, including the basal ganglia and the am...
  • Dr Yoshiro Shiba
    I am investigating neural mechanisms underlying anxiety and fear, especially in terms of physiological, behavioural and neurobiological risk factors or traits for development of anxiety disorders.
  • Kyle Treiber Dr Kyle Treiber
    I am a lecturer in neurocriminology and deputy director of the Peterborough Adolescent and Young Adult Development Study (PADS+), a longitudinal study investigating the interaction between people and social environments in the development of crime...

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