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  • Dr Alex Clarke
    How does the brain make sense of the world? We can recognise tens of thousands of objects, but despite this vast number, our recognition is remarkably quick and accurate, completed within a few hundred milliseconds. My research ask what are the ne...
  • Kamila Jozwik Dr Kamila Jozwik
    Broadly I'm interested in the following questions: How does the primate brain process visual information? More specifically - how does the primate brain recognise objects? What are the underlying computations of visual processing? I use fMRI, ...
  • Dr Alexandra Krugliak
    I am interested how the human brain processes natural objects: Are there any, and if so what are the stages of objects processing? How is information from different sensory modalities combined into a multisensory object experience? How and when is...
  • Vassilis Pelekanos Dr Vassilis Pelekanos
    My research interests lie in visual and cognitive neuroscience. In particular, I am interested in understanding the brain mechanisms that support our ability to perceive and categorise objects. The volume of solid 3D objects is delimited by surf...

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