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  • Carol Brayne Professor Carol Brayne
    My research programme is based around longitudinal population based studies of people aged 65 and above, running since 1985. They include collections of blood, and are linked to the Cambridge Brain Bank. Opportunities exist for translation from la...
  • Dr Andrew Dean
    Interest in: i) Genetically-determined and developmentally acquired disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system and muscle, encompassing neuropathy, myopathy, dystrophy, neuropathy, malformation, epilepsy and mental retardation; ii) st...
  • Professor Jenny Morton
    Our research is focused on understanding the mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration and on developing strategies to delay or prevent the death of neurones in injured or degenerating brain, particularly in Huntington's disease. We are also interes...
  • Dr George Savva
    I am an epidemiologist with a background in statistics. My work is based on the MRC Cognitive Function and Ageing Study ( for a full description of the study), a large lognitudinal study of ageing set in the population of England an...

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