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  • Fei-Yang HUANG M.D.
    My research focuses on neuroeconomics and decision neurophysiology. We associate neural signals with decision behaviour to elucidate how decisions are made in various context-dependent environment. We design behavioural tasks based on ...
  • Omar David Perez Omar Perez
    I'm generally interested in human and animal Associative Learning and value based Decision-Making (Neuroeconomics). Under the supervision of Dr. Amy Milton and Prof. Anthony Dickinson, my Ph.D. work focused in developing a computational dual-syste...
  • Tor Tarantola Tor Tarantola
    I study reinforcement learning, value-based decision-making, and social cognition. I am especially interested in how these processes contribute to moral judgments, in particular how people decide to punish others for violating social norms. I use ...
  • Martin Vestergaard Dr Martin Vestergaard
    I investigate theoretical and functional relationships among cognitive and economic constructs of decision psychology and communication. I use psychophysical experimentation, computational models and brain imaging techniques to identify behavioura...

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