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  • Dr Maria Angeles Fernandez
    My main interest is the study of signalling pathways and molecular mechanisms involved in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Huntington's disease, and its use as a target for the possible therapy of these diseases. Actually, my rese...
  • Dr Julie Qiaojin Lin
    I am a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow based at the UK Dementia Research Institute at the University of Cambridge. I am interested in understanding how localised protein synthesis at distal neuronal compartments, particularly axons, contrib...
  • Maura Malpetti
    I am interested in the study of neuropathology, biomarkers and clinical features of neurodegenerative diseases. My work focuses on the application of neuroimaging techniques, such as PET and MRI, to describe progressive brain changes in dementia...
  • Su Metcalfe Dr Su Metcalfe
    The application of nanotechnology to healthcare - nano-medicine - is now recognised worldwide as a new era in clinical medicine. By loading biocompatible, biodegradable nano-particles with growth factor, and targeting to sites of tissue damage, a ...
  • Mr Lasse Voss
    I'm particularly interested in neurodegenerative diseases, from molecular neurobiology to drug development. I'm studying the MPhil in Basic and Translational Neuroscience and carrying out experiments in Prof. Giovanna Mallucci's lab for my thesis.

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