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  • Polytimi Frangou
    I am interested in understanding the plastic changes that brain circuits undergo during training and in developing interventions that facilitate brain plasticity when these brain circuits are compromised. I combine cutting-edge high-field brain im...
  • Guillaume Hennequin Dr Guillaume Hennequin
    I study the link between physiology and behaviour from a computational viewpoint. I am interested in the dynamics of sensory and motor cortices, and how they support complex computations such as movement generation or perceptual inference. Through...
  • Lilia Kukovska
    My research focuses on understanding the role of cortical inhibition in visual discrimination. I use optogenetics to activate PV+ interneurons in the primary visual cortex and simultaneously record calcium transients using 2-photon imaging to stu...
  • Dr Sharon Morein-Zamir
    My research integrates approaches from experimental psychology, psychiatry and cognitive neuroscience to enable more effective interventions and ultimately prevention of mental health conditions relating to compulsivity and impulsivity. I study pe...
  • Ms Martine Skumlien
    My research centers around the impact of regular cannabis use on brain and cognition, with a particular emphasis on use in adolescence. I use behavioural data along with fMRI.

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