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  • Emma Cahill Dr Emma Cahill
    My immediate objective is to develop my research in neuronal signalling complexes and apply what I find to unanswered fundamental questions related to memory and adaptive behaviour. In my research, I address the signalling requirements of memories...
  • Joe Hilton
    I am interested in the persistence of fear memories in rodent models, specifically how cued fear memory reactivation influences performance in the elevated plus maze.
  • Emily Sherman
    I am interested in the differences between learned and innate odour processing in the cortical amygdala and piriform cortex and the subsequent behavioral output. My project aims to elucidate the mechanism behind how animals observe and internalize...
  • Dr Yoshiro Shiba
    I am investigating neural mechanisms underlying anxiety and fear, especially in terms of physiological, behavioural and neurobiological risk factors or traits for development of anxiety disorders.
  • Yoshiro Shiba Yoshiro Shiba
    Anxiety and fear are adaptive responses against a potential/imminent threat. These consist of changes in physiological (heart rate, blood pressure, endocrine responses etc.), cognitive (attention, vigilance etc.) and behavioural (flight, freeze, f...

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