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  • Jonathan Clarke Dr Jonathan Clarke
    Discovery and development of compounds that are beneficial to the treatment of neurodegenerative disease
  • Dr Maria Angeles Fernandez
    My main interest is the study of signalling pathways and molecular mechanisms involved in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Huntington's disease, and its use as a target for the possible therapy of these diseases. Actually, my rese...
  • Dr Yoo Koung (Y.K.) Ko
    I am a molecular neuroscientist interested in elucidating molecular and cellular mechanisms behind disorders of brains and translating this understanding to novel therapies. My current research focuses on finding drugs that are beneficial to the t...
  • Dr Stefan Milde
    Cell-based assay development and screening for drug discovery in dementia.
  • John Skidmore Dr John Skidmore
    I am a medicinal chemist and drug discovery leader interested in working collaboratively with academics and industry in order to translate basic neurodegeneration research into potential new treatments. The Alzheimer’s Research UK Cambridge Drug ...
  • John Henry Stockley Dr John Stockley
    I am interested in using in vitro systems to model and understand complex neuron and glial interactions, particularly the interaction between oligodendrocytes, their precursors and neuronal axons for CNS repair as well as understanding memory. I a...
  • Dr Cathryn Ugalde
    Identification of pathways that may be targeted for the therapeutic treatment of neurodegeneration

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