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  • Dr Pouya Baniasadi
    My general research interest is reverse engineering biological cognition; To understand the general principles and to create mathematical models that reproducing these strategies. Accordingly, I am interested in four major themes: Threat Detecti...
  • Mr Samuel Bell
    From my background in machine learning, I'm generally interested in how humans learn to perform many tasks so effectively even with only limited experience, and the role of inductive bias and priors in driving this ability. I'm looking to use neur...
  • Robin Borchert Mr Robin Borchert
    I work with fMRI to investigate how drug treatments, which target the cognitive deficits in Parkinson's Disease, affect network connectivity. This provides a great opportunity to understand and optimize these treatments for patients.
  • Zoe Kourtzi Professor Zoe Kourtzi
    My work aims to understand the role of learning and experience in enabling humans of all ages to translate sensory experience into complex decisions and adaptive behaviours. Adaptive cognitive abilities are critical for survival and social interac...
  • Dr Alekhya Mandali
    I am an engineer turned computational neuroscientist with a research focus on building mathematical models and applying computational techniques to study the pathophysiology of various neurological and psychiatric conditions such as Parkinson's di...
  • Timothy Rittman Dr Timothy Rittman BMBS BMedSci PgCertMedEd MRCP(London) PhD
    My main interest is in understanding how neurodegnerative disease progresses through the brain, in particular why neurodegenerative disease affect the brain in predictable patterns. To do this I develop computer models of disease processes using i...
  • Miss Katharina Zuhlsdorff
    I am interested in the application of deep learning to neuroscientific data - specifically, I use multimodal neuroimaging and behavioural datasets to study drug addiction and impulsivity. I aim to relate behavioural endophenoypes to changes in bra...

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