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  • Dr Marco Brancaccio
    Molecular, cellular and circuit mechanisms of circadian rhythms generation in mammals
    Life is a cyclical chemical process from birth to death, which consists of developmental changes from single cell to adult and aging changes from adult to death. There are internal circannual cycles, circadian rhythms with in this birth to death ...
  • Michael Hastings FMedSci Dr Michael Hastings FRS, FMedSci
    Cellular and molecular basis to circadian rhythms in mammals and its relevance to metabolic and neurological disease.
  • John O'Neill Dr John O'Neill
    The causes and consequences of cellular circadian timekeeping and its interaction with sleep.
  • Dr Andrew Patton
    Study of circadian rhythms in the mammalian suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) using genetic and electrophysiological approaches. My primary research focuses on the role of GABAergic synaptic transmission within the SCN and how this contributes to the ...
  • Adam Tozer Dr Adam Tozer
    I am an electrophysiologist working in the Hypothalamus and projecting areas, interested in the neuronal control of diet, and mechanisms controlling food intake and energy balance. My background is in synaptic physiology and neuronal homeostasis...
  • Anthony Tsang Dr Anthony Tsang
    Along the major research interest of Dr Blouet's group, my current research focus involves characterising amino acid sensing metabolic neural circuits, both anatomically and functionally. However, during my postgraduate studies, I received solid ...

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