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  • Dr Barry Bentley
    My current research aims to map and understand the extrasynaptic volume transmission networks in the nervous system of C. elegans.
  • Dr Eric Miska
    We are interested in all aspects of gene regulation by regulatory RNA. Current research themes include: miRNA biology and pathology, miRNA mechanism, piRNA biology and the germline, endo-siRNAs in epigenetic inheritance and evironmental conditioni...
  • Dr Shigekazu Oda
    My long-term goal is to discover a general principle of information process in a neural circuit. The main subject is that 'how biological system behave as a system?' To answer this question, I am using a simple model organism, C. elegans by using ...
  • Birgitta  Olofsson Dr Birgitta Olofsson
    How does an animal evaluate food and how is this information used to modify its feeding behaviour appropriately? In many animals food provides a reinforcing feedback after it is eaten that influences subsequent food-seeking behaviour. Variation ...
  • William Schafer Dr William Schafer
    The fundamental nature of mental phenomena such as perception, learning and memory is one of the remaining scientific mysteries. Since the neuroanatomy of mammalian nervous systems is exceedingly complex and incompletely characterized, it is diffi...

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