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  • Dr Diandra Brkic
    Diandra is currently a postdoctoral researcher within the Genomic Disorders and Cognitive Development Group (GDCD) led by Dr Kate Baker. She is also a bye-fellow of Fitzwilliam College. Her research focuses on studying cognitive, behavioural, and...
  • Iulia Comsa Miss Iulia M. Comsa
    How do we lose consciousness when we fall asleep or go under anaesthesia? My research explores the neural dynamics of brain states at the boundary of consciousness. I study the transitions between levels of consciousness in natural, pharmacologica...
  • Dr Joel Parkinson
    I am interested in the mechanisms underlying depression and its treatments. Currently, I am researching the relationship between the immune system and depression, with a focus on understanding how low-grade systemic inflammation can lead to depres...
  • Dr Kamen Tsvetanov
    Dr. Tsvetanov is a Brain Non-Clinical Postdoctoral Fellow in cognitive neuroscience of ageing. The central goal of his research is to obtain a better understanding of the complex relationship between human brain dynamics and cognition in healthy a...

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