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  • Dr Yuan Huang
    I am interested in using mathematical and mechanical tools to describe the biological systems. Better understanding of diseases can be achieved by further analysing the structural and functional imaging data. We hope our work will improve the diag...
  • Dr Umar Sadat
    1. Ultrasound, Computerised Tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging, Cellular Imaging of atherosclerosis 2. Role of biomechanics in pathogenesis of atherosclerotic plaques, aortic aneurysms and in aortic stent graft design & failure 3. Contrast-in...
  • Zhongzhao Teng Dr Zhongzhao Teng
    Atherosclerotic plaques are multi-component structures composed of a lipid core, calcium or haemorrhage enclosed by a fibrous cap, which can be captured by MRI. The rupture of atherosclerotic plaques is responsible for most clinical symptoms of he...
  • Ms Amelia Joy Thompson
    I am interested in how the physical environment of growing neurons shapes the development of the embryonic nervous system. My PhD focusses on the role of tissue stiffness as an in vivo axon guidance cue, using the Xenopus laevis embryo as a model ...

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