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  • Dr Lizzie Buchanan-Worster
    I am interested in how children perceive spoken language and how this relates to language and literacy development. I completed my PhD at UCL in 2019, supervised by Professor Mairéad MacSweeney and Professor Charles Hulme. My PhD research focussed...
  • Sheila Flanagan Dr Sheila Flanagan
    The possibility that shared neural mechanisms for processing language and music exist is an area of increasing interest. Anecdotal evidence that musical exposure or training leads to improvements in literacy and working memory is now gaining supp...
  • Berthold Hedwig Dr Berthold Hedwig
    I analyse the neural mechanisms underlying acoustic communication in insects which use species-specific sounds for mate attraction. I use behavioural, neurophysiological and optical imaging techniques with the aim to understand: 1. The neural mech...
  • Ms Carolina Leal
    I am interested in how children with cochlear implants process sounds to understand how specific aspects of their auditory processing abilities influence their listening and spoken language outcomes.
  • Dr Kanad Mandke
    I am a Research Associate at the Centre for Neuroscience in Education, Department of Psychology. My research interests include the analysis of brain networks and understanding the neurophysiological basis of speech processing in children. To this ...
  • Roy Patterson Dr Roy Patterson
    We have developed a computational model of the auditory signal processing that transforms a sound wave into the auditory image you hear in response to that sound wave. We investigate how the cochlea and neural centres in the auditory pathway proce...

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